2019 Asterion Lamborghini Review: Hybrid Cars that Goes More than 300 km/h!

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Some say Lamborghini Asterion is looking like a Prius, but hey – it’s Lambo. With its jaw-dropping price to offer, the features it has will let your mind blown away. Strenuous engine all-combined with hybrid technology makes it possible to ignite and run for more than 300 km/h. If the thrill of racing is your objective, then picking AsterionLambo as your ride will never be wrong.Asterion Lamborghini top speed

Lamborghini Asterion 2019 Specs

Asterion was first released in 2014, under the coded name of LPI 910-4. Turns out this name isn’t given out of randomness – since LPI stands for LongitudinalePosterioreIbrido, and 910 is the total power the car can solely produces with the high-tech engine of V10 and the electric motors, similar to its fraternal brother, Huracan.

With that ‘Ibrido’ embedded on its name, it’s crystal clear that the car is hybrid – meaning that users got two kinds of ‘fueling’ system: liquid fuel and electric motors. While the V10 engine produces a generous 610 CV at 8,250 RPM, the electric engine helps out by generating another 300. Hence, that’s no wonder that 300+ km/h speeds is feasible to achieve – pretty fast.Asterion Lamborghini 2015

By now you must wonder what’s special from Lamborghini Asterion 2019. Let’s dig deeper.Lamborghini Asterion has its V10 aspirated engine combined with three electric motors. With such high-level combos, a 910CV total maximum power is achieved, which equals to 449 kW. There’s also a Lithium battery placed under the central shaft. In addition, the three electric motors are driving the front wheels, which will ensure an easy yet powerful transmission.

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The top speed of Asterion flies high at 320 km/h (199 mph), while in electric mode, the top speed is still as outstanding as that: 125 km/h. That will be perfect if you want to take your eccentric Lambo around the city and grabbing people’s attention. On top of that, it’s the acceleration that we found amazing from this Lambo. It takes only three seconds to roar up from stagnancy to 100 km/h. Plus, with the pure electric power alone, the range reachable is 50 km.Asterion Lamborghini interior

While the exterior of this car seems to be seamless minimalistic, the interior seems to be like that as well with ivory and caramel-colored upholstery. The colors are embedded into the steer and dashboard as well. The car’s frame is made from carbon fiber monocoque and plus aluminum frames both for its front and back. While for the body, it is made by combining carbon fiber and aluminum.

Moreover, both front and rear wheels equipped tires with carbon fiber elements. The front tires are 20” while the rear ones are 21” each. Then, the carbo-ceramic brake discs are adopted to fit with the safety aspects. These discs are cross-drilled and are internally ventilated. So, you don’t need to worry to drive in a relatively high speed. An excellent braking system will get your back.lambo asterion price

With all great features to offer, you may wonder how much Asterion Lamborghini price is. It lies somewhere around $500,000. But to think about its features and such dazzling looks, the price is pretty reasonable, although it’s pure that you probably need months after months to save the money.

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