Aventador S Specs, Performance, and Cost Review

lamborghini aventador sport

Lamborghini Aventador has always been the flagship model of its Italian manufacturer. The four-wheel drive pushes the common boundaries of supercar by providing brilliant and aerodynamic performance, with its carbon fiber chassis and ceramic brakes. There are two models in the lineup, the basic S trim and SVJ trim, which each are available in LamboAventador S Roadster or coupe styles.lamborghini aventador sport

Things You Need to Know about the Model and Its Upgrades

All of the model in this lineup are equipped with V12 6.5-litre that can yield 730 brake horsepower and 690 Newton meters (Nm). The numbers show that it’s indeed deserves to be amongst the fastest supercar – not to mention one of the most dramatic vehicle models as well.aventador spyder price

The performance is as expected by majority of the enthusiasts: nothing less than mind-boggling. The car uses Thrust Mode, a technical term for launch control that allows driver to accelerate from 0 mph to 62 mph in merely 2.9 seconds. It doesn’t stop there as it is able to reach up to 217 mph.aventador svj spyder

There are some significant upgrades that 2021 launch brings to the table. In terms of performance, the most recent improvement that the lineup offers more stellar driving experience with more stability during high-speed driving and sharp maneuver. The freshly revamped suspension presents ‘Ego’ mode of driving as well.

The jaw-dropping Aventador S price might be able to be justified with its aggressive, wide, and low appearance for visual fans. There’s no doubt that the octagonal frame and scissor doors that open up ways will easily grab big attention while you’re on the road, especially when it’s on the run.lamborghini aventador svj price usa

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Revealing the inside by opening the iconic scissor door, you will be greeted with luxurious and plush interior, as pleasing to the eyes as it is to use. The entire primary driving controls are located on the transmission panel on left side. The comfort is also given through low-slung car seat for the driver. You can find luggage room at the back of the seats and mini yet deep boot on the front section.

Gone are the days where the lineup features conventional temperament and fragile switchgear. The safety features come advanced with ceramic brakes, stability control, and active aero components. There is a practical camera with color-reversing function to provide smoother maneuver in compact space. Assuming the worst occurrence, the users are still being protected with exceptionally strong security cell inside the solid carbon chassis frame, along with standard airbags for knee and thorax.lamborghini aventador s spyder

The emissions figure unfortunately drops, but still the vehicle model emits an appalling rate of 464 g/km. The fuel efficiency is not the best one at 14 mpg, but at least the 90-litre tank won’t require high-octane fuel to accomplish sufficient range when running.

This price of Lamborghini Aventador S lineup is marked at £275,000 or $460,422 for US at the starting trim level. The numbers directly proportioned with the maintenance and running costs – which more likely won’t be problems since the models are more targeted and reserved for privileged class of buyers.

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