Details of Aventador SVJ Engine, Design, and Pricing

The world paces up so fast and become severely reliant to technology, but despite all of that, the fresh Aventador manage to serves nostalgic visual treat. This whopping-sized Lambo is designed specifically as majestic tribute to old models of supercar, but with more modern power-source (V12 6.5-liter engine). The price of Aventador SVJ for sale is far from modest, but it presents no less than a sentimental sight as homage for retro models than may become extinct soon.2019 lamborghini aventador svj for sale

A Technical Insight into Nostalgic-Looking Supercar and the Price

As mentioned briefly in prior, the lineup of Aventador is equipped with 7-speed auto transmission V12 6.5-liter engine that’s able to generate up to 730 hp and 509 lbf-ft of torque. This is a common setup between three different variants. However, the SVJ or Superveloce Jota is a vehicle that’s built to focus on track, thus it has capability to produce higher horsepower and torque.

The price, starting from the most basic trim S coupe is rated at $421,321. It is followed by S roadster and SVJ coupe that’s respectively priced at $463,917 and $526,443 each. The top of ladder is held by Lambo Aventador SVJ Roadster, which has costs at stellar figures of $577,461. Similar to the typical fashion of supercar, there’s an option of getting customized version, which without a doubt, requires a small fortune to afford.

Now, while the price tags are not exactly the easiest to digest, the Roadster trim of SVJ is apparently more affordable than its two infamous rivals: Ferrari 812 GTS and Porsche 918 Spyder.

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Let’s move to the specifications. As expected, the models are sporting the renowned scissor doors set. The existence of low-slung seat may look a bit outdated, but there is always alternative to get them personalized by opting for premium materials. Meanwhile, the space of luggage and cabin are pretty much limited.

In the dashboard, there is an area to display digital gauge. It has capability to adjust the layout according to chosen driving modes, between Sport, Strada, Corsa, and Ego. The latest mode lets you to set the suspension, steering and powertrain as you’d like.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect much for the infotainment system. Aside from being basic, the integration is quite awkward and the graphics are practically behind of the time. The same dissatisfaction stands true for the warranty coverage as well, even though it does compete with the rivals on its class.

Moving on to the ratings of fuel efficiency, this lineup comes as the opposite of efficient amongst all of the available vehicles on market. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the fuel efficiency rate on city roads is 9 mpg while for the highway it is rated at 15 mpg.

Regardless of Lambo Aventador SVJ Roadster price or the cost of other trims, it is safe to say this model is not for everyone. The physical aspect of both the exterior and interior design may get some people uncomfortable or being too much. The performance and power are also on the extreme said, even though there will be some that argue it’s not even as forceful as Huracan or Gallardo.

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