Sián FKP 37: Being ‘Ahead of Its Time’, what’s There Offered to Prove?

Sián FKP 37 price

As top-notch as its looks, the 2019-released Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 Roadster is that car many auto aficionados will imagine themselves to drive in it, at least once. It is known for being the fastest piece Lamborghini ever have, and the history behind the naming is what it takes for Sián to become more out of the ordinary. What to expect from this firstly-launched hybrid Lamborghini?lamborghini Sián FKP 37

Lamborghini Sián FKP 37’s Information and Specs

It’s not a secret for Lamborghini to be the best in manufacturing luxury sport cars albeit its inflating price. But, that’s not for no reasons, ranging from speed to its engine, all aspects of Lamborghini are sort of ethereal: probably too good to be true, but it’s very much legit.

Being the first super sports car with hybrid tech, this Sián car will get rid all of those uncertainties due to some trial-and-error matters. Powered by a V12 engine and coupled with an electric boost, such combo must shoo away your doubt in terms of powerfulness. Believe it or not, Sián FKP 37 is really ‘ahead of its time’ as its tagline encompasses. The car has a jaw-dropping 350 km/h (equals to 220 mph) as its max speed.

What is about exterior part? Well, it will never bore you to take a look at Lamborghini’s futuristic exterior design. For FKP 37, that is the same. Top-notch classy design with wittily designed lines makes its silhouette hard to skip.Sián FKP 37 interior

The car’s body is totally made from carbon fibre. Not only that, the extravagant look is equipped with the electrochromic roof which design is also made new. Not to forget its headlights; inspired by TerzoMillenio, the luminating frontiers are made sleekly revolutionary.Sián FKP 37 price

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Meanwhile,Sián FKP 37 interior is also made new age without skipping the basic theory of Italian’s distinct and delicate luxury craftsmanship. You’ll see the passenger compartment is very well-designed to provide excellent comfort even while driving on such an extra speed. Y-shaped features and the compartment’s hexagonal shapes are made carefully to the very bits. also read: Limited Series Lamborghini from Time to Time

For the specs, it has V12 engine, MPI – Multi Point Injection, 6,498 cm3 displacement with maximum power of 785 CV at 8,500 rpm. Moreover, the car is completed by 48V supercapacitor tension supply. The car also relies its chassis on carbon fiber monocoque with an additional aluminum frames on its front and rear. While for its body, it’s all carbon fiber. The mirrors are electrically controlled and foldable.

The wheels are equipped with P Zero Corsa 255/30 and 355/25 for front and rear tires (the front and rear rims 9”x20” and 13”x21” consecutively). Besides the extremely lavish looks and outstanding engine, the safety really matters for this extra-speed sports car. Therefore, Lamborghini has prepped airbags placed in front, side head-thorax airbags, and knee airbags – although the last is only specific for selected markets. Let’s not forget about its decently engineered braking systems to ensure you a safe deceleration.Sián FKP 37 roadster

With all of those specifications mentioned, you must be wondering Sián FKP 37 price. Given that the masterpiece only produced not in a massive number – 63 in total, it takes around 2 million Euro (USD 2.21 million) to get this car, tax excluded. So, what are your views on it? Are you ready to make this Lamborghini Sián as a new addition for your garage?

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