Sián Roadster, the ‘Road Monster’ that Goes as Rapid as Lightning

lamborghini new Sián Roadster

What’s there to complain when it comes to Lamborghini? This car seems to have nothing bad to show to its users, except its price. But, is its otherworldly price ever seems to betray the features it offers? You must have known the Lamborghini Sián Roadster – one of the newly released within these five years – is a car that left you daydreams for days.2021 lamborghini Sián Roadster

A Quick Look on Lamborghini Sián Roadster

We challenge you not to drool over this car after reading this article. But even if you don’t dare to take the challenge, it’s best to keep reading.

Lamborghini Sián Roadster is that kind of ‘monster’ on the road. Roaring with the one and only V12 engine, the car is now equipped with the most powerful engine in the history of Lamborghini to date. Its supercapacitor feature makes it possible to drive beautifully without leaving any emissions, as it goes with electric power to rev new Sián Roadster

It turns out this lavish Italian car manufacturer only made this series limited. The number is only 19, and aside from the delicately crafted excellence, it’s not astonishing that this limited number makes the price skyrockets.

Tuning back to the features, what does Lamborghini Sián model offer this time? As aforementioned, the car is equipped with V12 engine, the first coming in tally in terms of its powerfulness. Never doubt for the speed it produces, as it will give you such generous 350 km/h; which is equal to 217 mph. Pretty much awesome for a super sports car, isn’t it?

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In addition, the top-notch materials and design danced together to create an impeccable dynamic of Lamborghini Sián. Ultra-light yet great in strength, low-level front, and those ‘sexy’ contours undeniably make the speed won’t be able to Sián Roadster interior

Its exterior is more beautified with open-air cabin, Y-shaped headlights, unique aero wings, as well as such complementing carbon fiber splitter. Well, the wings and splitter aren’t there for no purpose. Being still while working in secret for the aerodynamics and attracting eyes to stare at – that’s how they work.

The body color is made by combining futuristic aluminum and Oro (Gold) Electrum paint. The interior will ensure you to drive comfortably with Y-shaped and hexagonal-accented seats; all designed meticulously. All-out beauty is what makes a Lamborghini.

Moreover, it uses V12 engine with maximum speed of 350 km/h (~217 mph). It brings 0-100km/h acceleration in less than 2.9s. Furthermore, the chassis use a combo of carbon fiber monocoque plus aluminum front-rear frames. The body is completely on carbon fiber, while the roof is designed by electrochromic glass that’s fixed on monocoque roof. Moreover, the car is completed by foldable mirror that’s operated electrically.Sián Roadster price

For the safety system, there are built-in airbags in front of driver and passenger seat, knee airbags (only for some markets), and seats with complemented ‘head-thorax’ airbags. In addition, the car’s extra speed can be tackled by providing dual hydraulic circuit braking system. Vacuum brake booster is also installed with 6 and 4-cylinder brake calipers, both for the car’s front and rear CCB.

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Well, it’s unfortunate that all of Lamborghini Sián’s 19-piece are all sold out. Wondering how much it will cost apiece? Sián Lamborghini price is a whopping US$ 3.3 million. It’s indeed a countless number of months to work for.

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