Terzo Millennio Specification Concept as the Future of Supercar Industry

Terzo Millennio interior

The concept of supercar that goes by the majestic name of Lamborghini Millennio Terzo has been revealed. A lot of the technology that involved in the manufacturing process were unveiled during its prototype launch, which serves as insight view of the Lamborghini future and supercar in general. Read about its ground-breaking specifications, including the material, design, and energy efficiency in the following.Terzo Millennio interior

Here’s What You Need to Know about the Futuristic Vehicle

When the name Terzo Millennio is translated directly, it means ‘3rd millennium’. This model is deemed as a box that contains anything necessary to put in future four-wheeled vehicle. The car is projected to compete in the industry of smart electric vehicle industry. To breakdown the ambitious project of Lamborghini, it targeted five dimensions of advanced sport cars: experimental materials, futuristic design, propulsion system, energy storage system, and emotion.

The technology used todays are indeed modern but they have their own limits. To overcome these limitations, the car is designed to be driverless, entirely electric, and equipped with super capacitors that replace traditional batteries that’s made by lithium ion. The super capacitors are able to capture and reproduce energy in the same time.Terzo Millennio price in usa

The super capacitors are actually already introduced in the Aventador line that uses V12 engines. However, it is developed further to presents powers at the optimum peak and restore kinetic energy – in a way that minimally influence the lifespan of vehicle by perfectly balancing electric power harvesting and releasing.

The body frame of this model is designed to carry carbon fiber material. The selection of material with its specific characteristics is meant to support the innovation of energy storage systems. The manufacturer itself has officially stated that it has a goal of being industry-leading company in the production and designing process of vehicle’s parts and structures from material of carbon fiber.Terzo Millennio top speed

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Moving on to its design aspect, the improvement is also as radical as the others. The fresh architecture that this car brings offers supremacy of aerodynamic, which is meant to create near perfect airflow. It throws the basic transmission in all-wheel-drive.

The Lamborghini’s engineers and designers have decided to abandon the bulky appearance. The interestingly new design surprisingly still maintains the signature of the company. It still sports the Y-shaped lights at the front and rear part. This part of the design serves as powerful visual identity despite all the upgrades.Terzo Millennio wallpaper

Not only the novelty of material used, design, and powered engine that can justify Lambo Terzo Millennio price, the supercar apparently comes with unique sensor system as well. In case it went through damage, the system will be able to process and give notice about the detected harm. If it’s minor enough, then it will begin a process of ‘self-healing’ or ‘self-repairing’ by covering the defect with nanotubes and prevent the fissure to spread out further.

In short, the renowned car manufacturer has succeeded in creating unconventional yet still recognizable model of supercar. The Lamborghini Terzo price is rated at US $2.5 million – a figure that represents the high standards used in inventing the various terrific improvements. also read: Sián Roadster, the ‘Road Monster’ that Goes as Rapid as Lightning

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