The Exclusive Elemento Lambo Specifications, Designs, and Pricing

lamborghini terzo elemento

The production of Sesto Elemento Lambo was announced to be available only for 20 units only, during its revelation at Paris Auto Show more than a decade ago. For supercar enthusiasts, it might be a pity that its production is limited for track use, according to the manufacturer. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get familiar with this exclusive vehicle elemento specs

What You Need to Know about the Extremely Lightweight Supercar

Sesto Elemento is most known for its lightweight feature, which not even reach the weight of Mini Cooper S at 999 kg or 2,202 lbs. including the transmission and engine, but with thrice the horsepower. It is equipped with V10 engine that’s capable to accelerate from 0-62 mph or 0-100 km/h in mere 2 and a half secondsthen further up to 300 km/h at maximum rate. This established the car as the model with the best acceleration from Lamborghini.

The detail only makes this vehicle more intriguing – how Sesto Elemento weight can manage its superior specs? Turns out, the key lays on its material. Carbon fiber is the primary material used for this car. There’s an absence of paint, and instead is built with carbon fiber composite and special material of plastic that wrapped up on the thin paint layer of glossy finishing paint that has micro-crystal with reflective terzo elemento

The other important factor in pressing down the weight is practically the design concept, which is essentiality. Unlike the typical road car that pledges optimum comfort, it keeps the interior only for the essentials instead. There’s only digital speedometer, steering wheel, and several cockpit control. You can’t even find the seats, as it features built-in cushioning on the place.

Its exterior design also strays from the usual Lamborghini iconic visual. While the profile still reflects sharpness and simplicity as the manufacturer signature style to make it easily recognizable, it’s safe to say the rest are cut down for functionality. Yet, still it doesn’t fail to bring aesthetics to the table.

The compact concept is immediately seen, along with the extremely low rear overhang, regardless of mid-engine design. The wedge layout is a common touch from Lamborghini. To provide exhaust system and transmission’s clear view for the spectators, it carries open rear end. This supercar model’s roof and front end are decidedly very sharp, with creases that looks folded, double intake ducts, and five holes that srton double parallel lines on top of the cylinder banks.sesto elemento engine

The air is able to flow along the front bonnet’s slip due to massive air intake below the fender. The air slides then conduit through the double lines that starts from roof area to the hexagonal shaped intakes on top of the engine. The hexagonal slits on dome area then will send air to the car’s massive rear wing.sesto elemento horsepower

As mentioned in prior, Sesto Elemento specs are intended to serve exclusively for track use and it is only produced in 2011 – 2013. The price range is reported to be US $2.2 to $2.9 million, which places it as the most expensive model from Lamborghini, at least until Veneno was introduced at US $4.5 million. also read: Estoque Lamborghini, Four-Door Sedan of the Future

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