4 Door Lamborghini: The Estoque as Full-Electric Car Generation

best 4 Door Lamborghini

There is no doubt that indeed Lamborghini has diverse cars production throughout the history. Plenty of the vehicles even feature rear seats, which is not included in the supercar lineups. The most stand-out model, one can argue, is the Estoque. This four door Lamborghini appearance mimics luxurious sedan, with the front end looks of Gallardo and the headlights design of Huracan. Read more to know further about the car.4 Door Lamborghini car

The Revealed Concept of Estoque that the World Knows So Far

Estoque concept comes out as supercar with four doors, which offers fresh versatility from the typical Lamborghini production. Despite looking very much sporty, it is built to be suitable for everyday driving and busy lifestyle. In terms of concept, the model conveys the manufacturer’s idea to blend premium super sport car and extremely handy grand tourer.

What about its exotic name? Unsurprisingly, the car continues Lamborghini’s tradition of using a term with theme of bullfighting. Estoque refers to exceptionally long (88cm) sword held by matadors. What’s more exciting, this particular Lambo 4 door concept was said to be a mass-produced model, with the manufacturer first wants to test the water for its public reception. During the revelation, it is said the model is considered to be rated at £125,000 price point.4 Door Lamborghini interior

At first, it may be staggering to know that Estoque belongs to Lamborghini as the front fascia is the only part that brings the manufacturer’s signature style. While the sharp transitions and delicate body line are sure look visually pleasing, the car doesn’t comply with the other more known two-door supercar model that’s normally carry the brand logo of bull badge in black and gold colors combination.

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Moving on to the taillights, both on the front and rear sections, it starts to resembles other models from the same company more. The front bumper seems to take after the Aventador, and the headlights bear uncanny resemblance to Huracan. There is an impression of powerful styling with carbon fiber material at the rear diffuser and the nose bumper.4 Door Lamborghini suv

Estoque is a massive yet short beast. The dimensions are measured at 5.15 x 1.99 x 1.35 meter. This may require the driver to crawl into the seat, but once inside, there’s a comfortably sized space. Meanwhile, the massive wheels size at 22” for the front and 23” for the back section.best 4 Door Lamborghini

According to some reports, the car is practically designed to be a sedan but with electrical feature. It is indicated to take V10 5.2-liter engine that generated 556 horsepower and 398 pound-foot of torque, and avoid the V8 5.2-liter as well as V12 6.5-liter engines, nor the V8 4.0-liter double turbo engines. The purpose is to produce clean emissions. There is still yet a word about the performance numbers that has been dropped by the Italian manufacturer, but from the hinted specs alone, it seems like the Estoque is capable to reach 200 mph of speed.

The electric 4 seat Lamborghini model is reportedly to be under construction for 2025 launch. The time sounds ideal for full-electric car release.

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