An Insight into the World of Lamborghini Customization

Aventador Roadster SV

The world today offers so many luxurious options – including personalizing and customizing your supercar and makes it stands out from the crowd. From the mass-produced Aventador to the Huracán Super Trofeo, there is more than one way to achieve the distinctive experience, both from the interior and exterior aspect. After all, it’s yours and the choices are in your own hand, with no one to tell you what not to do with the car.Aventador Roadster SV price

How to Get Your Lamborghini Customed and Beautified More

The Italian super sport car, Lamborghini, has associated itself with visionary and unique vehicle models that challenges the advancement of design and technology. It is only last year that the manufacturer celebrates the 10,000th production of Aventador unit – and possibly other models in their lineup to follow, such as Huracan and Urus.

Now, as if purchasing the standard model doesn’t require you to spill out your bank account deep enough, the company provides a way to spill it out more with customization option.Aventador Roadster SV

Ad Personam – that’s what the company refers to the program of customization, which serves for Aventador and Huracan models. It allows the customers to create their special personalized car based on their wishes. The program is assisted with expert team that helps and supports the customers throughout each step in the procedure.

There is practically endless combination that possible to create, right from the base material to the color options. You want the seat logo to be stitched manually by hand instead of being branded? It’s a worth chance to take. You want the color to be costumed? Are you okay with the quality standards from the company? You want to choose another material? Feel free to be presented with various selections, from the carbon fiber composite to the partly aniline leathers that’s developed by the experts that leads the field. lamborghini urus audi

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A famous example from the celebrity industry would be Kanye West with his Custom Lambo Urus. Despite the mixed reactions from the public, the personalized option he took had turned the aggressive looking, angular, and rakish super SUV to appear even more imposing. The standard Urus has already an attention-grabbing design, but Kanye seems to have no problem to take it to the new level.

The superstar’s Urus has now wrapped in matte vinyl with cream color. The wheels are up-scaled with oversized models from Boyd Coddington. The vehicle is also covered with Opti-Coat professional ceramic coat and Opti-Guard to protect the vibrancy of interior in leather material and blue urus lamborghini

Another example, which also comes from the entertainment world, would be Chris Brown and his Aventador. The Lambo has transformed into premium supercar to an unparalleled masterpiece. His Aventador Roadster SV is wrapped in glossy gold-colored cover, which looks as expensive as it probably is, if not even more. The car now sported what looks like massive, black Nike logo, which apparently was a personal request from the celebrity himself. Furthermore, gold wheels are added to suit with the gold cover. Just by a glance, it’s easy to know that the custom Aventador would be impossibly hard to top. also read: The Cheapest Lamborghini Variants on the Market

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