Terzo Millennio interior
Limited Series

Terzo Millennio Specification Concept as the Future of Supercar Industry

The concept of supercar that goes by the majestic name of Lamborghini Millennio Terzo has been revealed. A lot of the technology that involved in the manufacturing process were unveiled during its prototype launch, which serves as insight view of the Lamborghini future and supercar in general. Read about its ground-breaking specifications, including the material,…

price of a lamborghini urus

What is New in Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule?

In June 2020, the Italian car manufacturer, Lamborghini, announced an exclusive palette for its renowned Super SUV. In comparison to the Lambo Urus 2018, the brand new variant offers a wide array of unique colors and styling details that are in line with the bright color tradition of this supercar brand. Apart from the design,…