Comparing Two Lamborghini Huracan Cars: Huracan Spydervs Huracan Performante

lamborghini huracan performante coupe

You may have known that Lamborghini has various types to pick from. One of them is Spyder Lamborghini Huracan as the one with a powerful 610 CV produced by its engine. Another one is the Performante version of Huracan. Pretty similar in name, but what differs one to another? Let’s see what specifications both cars have in this article below.huracan performante horsepower

The Differences of Huracan Spyder and Huracan Performante

While both cars hold the name ‘Huracan’, one thing for sure is these sports cars own fast-speed as their plus points. With V10 engine, both cars may still have difference in several aspects as follows.


While it is clear that both cars own V10 as the main power generator for the vehicle, their performances are a bit different. In this aspect, Huracan Performante is better in terms of speed, acceleration time, and deceleration huracan performante coupe


The max speed of Huracan Spyder can reach 324 km/h. Well, for ones driving day-to-day cars, such speed is just like a dream – no need to dwell on slow machine. But, you should know that Huracan Performante owns a jaw-dropping speed of more than 325km/ performante engine


Huracan Spyder will take around 3.4s from zero speed to 100km/h; while the rival chopped the time needed by half second. The difference will be more apparent to reach 200km/h.

The Huracan Spyder takes 10.4s, while the Performante takes 1.5s faster at 8.9s. Well, a little difference, for sure – but in the world of fast cars, even a half-second is very important.

Body and chassis

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This is where Spyder Huracan wins one place: it’s convertible. Although both cars are looking nice already with stunning sculpture inspired by the hexagonal carbon atom form, Huracan Performante is left with no open-door huracan performante horsepower

Its aerodynamics system is also different. The Huracan Performante owns its system known as ALA; the Huracan Spyder gets its rear built-in spoiler and all-paneled underbody.

For its body and chassis, it’s all the same. The combination of carbon fiber and aluminum is for the chassis, and a hybrid of synthetic material and aluminum is for its body.

But still, despite the difference aforementioned, both cars are very well-designed in its interior. Not to forget, it’s open for customization especially for Huracan Spyder.


Both cars, being different in its appearance, have same wheeling size. However, the rims are made differently. While in Performante the rims are forged ones, the Huracan Spyder uses casted rims. It is known that forged rims are stronger and lighter in weight; hence making it perfect for fast cars.


Don’t get it wrong if you want to look for the Huracan Performante price. It is usually twisted between Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder. Performante costs around $280,000 – exclude the tax and shipment price if required. What about the Huracan Spyder? It costs cheaper, which is something between $260,000.

Well, that’s the information you may require about these two Lamborghini types. If you are about to choose one, which one will you choose? It’s true that the Lamborghini Huracan Performante price is higher as some features are not available in the counterpart, but if you want to get a convertible one, why don’t you take the Huracan Spyder’s side?

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