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Gold lamborghini Aventador

Who doesn’t love gold as color? If you are part of golden-color-lover-squad, make sure you don’t miss the chance of getting this gold Lambos! Find out what type of Lamborghini can be found in golden color, know its features and specifications, and that’s it – prepare that sum of money to bring it home ASAP!gold Lambo

What Lambos Have Golden Exterior Colors?

Talking about Lamborghinis will never be far from these two words: luxury and fastness. No one will refuse that Lamborghini Huracan

Although some people think that luxury does not come only from something’s brand and looks, it’s inevitable that Lamborghini has its tagged brand value. In addition, even only from a glance, its look is effortlessly dazzling.

Given that gold is linked to luxury, people are wondering whether a lavish car like Lamborghini has adopted the color into its exterior body paint. Well, it has – but unfortunately, only this specific Lamborghini model prepared its car in oroelios – the golden color’s name of Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster.Gold lamborghini Aventador

Inside this Aventador gold (and other color of Aventador SVJ Roadster, indeed), V12 engine is placed to power the car’s movement. This V12 engine can produce 770 HP maximum power – equaling to 566 kW. With such powerful supporting engine, it’s not surprising that this car’s maximum speed can exceed 350 km/h. It only takes less than 3.0 s to reach 100km/h from its idle position, and the braking system takes it back to full stop at a relatively short distance, which is 31 m. Well, you should not think to take a race in those pretty jammed city roads.

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Besides this Lamborghini car gold has eccentric color choices, Aventador SVJ Roadster’s chassis is made from carbon fiber monocoque combined with aluminum in both front and rear frames. A smart aerodynamics system is built by installing fixed spoiler and ALA system. Not to forget, Aero Vectoring system also plays in to deal with the air-cutting work.

The body is also made from carbon-fiber, especially for the seats, doors, center tunnel, and also its console. All of these will later be combined with an aeronautical-inspired design. To beautify things up, Lamborghini has prepared leather and Alcantara materials to add a daring touch to the exclusively made interior. The Italian craftsmanship made the seat best by making the design not only comfy to sit on, but also pleasing to the eyes. Not to forget, the panel is what makes Lambo lavish and always forward from its rival.

To complement the extravagant features the car gas, Pirelli P Zero Corsa is used for this model of Lamborghini. Hydraulic assisted power steering combined with LDS-RWS steering system completes the satisfactory specs of this SVJ Roadster. As for the safety system, expect only the best from this Aventador gold with dual circuit brake system its vacuum brake booster. A little note about that: while the front brake owns 6-cylinder brake calipers, the rear one owns 4-cylinder calipers. Airbags as the complementary part of the safety system are installed in several areas of the car.

It’s unfortunate that only Aventador SVJ Roadster which got the original gold color from the manufacturer itself. If you are expecting for gold Lamborghini Huracan, too bad it does not exist unless you are modifying it yourself. So, will you go gold with Aventador SVJ Roadster?

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