Huracan Evo Fluo Capsule Details and Its Color Options

used lamborghini huracan evo

This version is said to be the “fun” version of the previous HuracanEvo. It is because the appearance of the supercar is very whimsical, particularly when it comes to its paint color. They are definitely colorful and there are five brand new paint colors that you have never seen in a supercar. This is the full information about the new supercar.2019 lamborghini huracan evo for sale

Huracan Evo Flue Capsule Overview and Colors

The main interest of this new car is indeed its colors. It is believed that people dubbed the car the “rainbow” of Lamborghini, probably in response to the new five, bright paint colors. Even so, there are so many other things to find out about it, including its overview information as well as the exterior and interior design. Of course, you will also have to find out about its engine. Let’s discuss it further.

Well, this new car is offering five new different colors with bright and bold features in it. The type of the car is considered as super sporty one with matte exterior and luxurious interior. This is surely believed as one of the best products from the manufacturer to this day.Huracan Evo speed test

We do know that the exterior will be all about its new colors. But, how is about the interior design? Well, the inside part of the car is completely made out of luxurious material. It is all leathered and has Carbon Skin luxury in it. The car surely has the best entertainment features, including the massive 8+ inches touchscreen control panel in the huracan evo motor

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For the color options, there is no Lamborghini Huracan Evo blue anymore in this mode. Instead, there are five new different colors to choose from.They are including the Verde Shock (green shade), Gallo Clarus (yellow shade), Celeste Fedora (light greenish-blue), Aracio Liverea (bright orange), and Aracio Dac (bright red). Surely those colors are looking whimsical and great to choose from.

Meanwhile, for the engine and performance, this new sporty car is using V10 engine, naturally. The powerful engine is capable of unleashing 640 CV. By using this engine, you can drive the car and speed up to the speed of 325 km/hour. It is approximately 201 mph. The engine is combined with dual clutch gearbox and automatic transmission type. This is why it is considered as one of the powerful supercars you should purchase these days.used lamborghini huracan evo

In addition, there are many Huracan Evo for sale, including the ones in Fluo Capsule mode. You need to know the price first, so you can prepare the money and resolve the payment once and for all. The price is believed to be around $287,400.

Those are the items of information about the car you need to know. Of course, this supercar will not be sold in cheap price as Lamborghini is well-known to be the finest and most luxurious supercar manufacturer. Moreover, its products are always at the top quality. The price won’t matter, though, once you know exactly what this new carcan offer.

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