Huracan Evo RWD Spyder, the Latest Lamborghini to Drool Over

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It’s not a Lamborghini if it’s a medium-end car with so-so speeds to tackle. With this newly released Huracan, for ones who crave for pleasure while revving on the road, this car is a good deal. Its new features make the car outstand in its own kind. Whatever you can ask on a sport car,the luxury cars Lamborghini got it all.huracan evo cost

The Features of Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD

Everyone said that Lamborghini is one of the greatest picks in terms of luxury cars, and it has its own reasons why it is loved despite its otherworldly price. Well, luxury cars Lamborghini have unique features that many high-end cars don’t. All of those plus points can be summed up into two aspects: outstanding features and state-of-the-art exterior/interior.

Let’s talk more about this newly released Lamborghini Huracan car. The exterior part of Huracan series has an exclusive design, not only to get people’s attention, but also to comply with the nature’s law of aerodynamics. Meet its shark-like front-edge and sharper lines especially in the rear diffusor. For RWD model, turns out that Lamborghini involved a sharp and wider air intake, making it possible to run with a fast speed.Huracan Evo RWD Spyder Interior

Talking about the inner side of the car, get closer with every control in your Lamborghini from the coziness of carbon fiber sport seats installed in SUV Lamborghini interior. This ready-for-all Huracans made it more comfy to drive since it maximizes the spaciousness, and not to forget, its sporty look.

The center console provides an 8.4” touchscreen system. This will create an easily accessible control panel to know better the condition of the car itself. In addition, two exclusive upholstery options: Alcantara and Carbon Skin, can be chosen to ensure a pleasurable onboard experience.huracan evo spyder specs

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For the spec details, this car has maximum speed of 324 km/h, the mixed chassis made from aluminum and carbon fiber. Its body is mixed of aluminum plus synthetic material. The other features are black soft roof, foldable and electrically operated mirror, as well as the aerodynamic design (integrated wing as air splitter for the front, aerodynamic deflector for underbody, and integrated fitted spoiler for the backend).

Moreover, Lamborghini puts the utmost effort in protecting their drivers’ safety. This can be seen by preparing the driver, passenger, and side airbags. Additional knee airbags are installed to protect the lower side of driver and passenger’s body. However, these airbags are only available in several huracan evo gt3

Aside from airbags, excellent braking system is also prepared in order to make the rapid deceleration safe for the driver (and the passengers, of course). This Huracan car’s braking system involves cast iron brakes with built-in monoblock calipers. The brake system is equipped with 8 pistons for the front, and 4 pistons for the rear side made in iron and aluminum disks.

With all features mentioned above, this 2020-released Lamborghini Evo cost around $230,000. However, this does not include the price for tax, registration, and licensing. You will be charged some thousand-dollar money more for the Huracan car shipment price. Despite the seemingly ethereal price, it’sundeniable that the features are worth every buck.

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