Knowing SVJ Lambo Specs before Tackling the Ethereal Price

lambo svj roadster

Have you heard anything about SVJ Lambo? If you haven’t known about it, this Lamborghini car is that offers you a powerful performance ever. With its outstanding design and adopted technology, don’t lost a grip of stylish drive with this car. To know the specifications, including SVJ Lamborghini price, make sure to continue reading until the end.lambo svj price

SVJ Lamborghini Specification, Features, and Price

Lamborghini cars are surely known for its outstanding performance, especially the one related to speed. If you are a thrill-seeker that loves to drive in extremely fast speed, this one is a great pick for you.

There are two categories of SVJ Lamborghini: Aventador SVJ Lamborghini and Aventador SVJ Lamborghini Roadster. Whether you are currently looking for a SVJ Lamborghini for sale or just coming here out of curiosity, it’s nice to know what this car has to offer. From its engine to the wheeling system, let’s delve more in it!lambo svj roadster

Well, these SVJ cars have one thing in common: customizable configuration. Hence, you can choose the body colors – 6 colorful colors in Aventador SVJ, and 8 elegant colors in its Roadster counterpart. For the engine, both Aventador have same engine model, which is V12 with 6,498 cm3 displacement. It’s amazing to know the cars also produce the same maximum power, 770 HP at 8,500 rpm. However, in SVJ Roadster cars the weight to power ratio is a bit bigger with 2.04kg/HP, while in its counterpart it is only 1.98kg/CV.

In addition, the speed, acceleration, and deceleration (braking distance, measured in meter) are relatively similar in both cars. It only differs in the last digit, especially for its acceleration and the braking distance. As a matter of fact, it occurs probably because the engine and produced power are the same. The top speed of these cars exceeds 350 km/h with 0-100km/h acceleration of 2.8 and 2.9 s for Aventador SVJ and Aventador SVJ Roadster svj aventador

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For the transmission, the Aventador SVJ Roadster applies an all-wheel drive system. The other car, Aventador SVJ, picks 4WD transmission for the car. Moreover, there is nothing different from the chassis, but even at a glance, the exterior of both cars is pretty much different as one car is convertible (Roadster). Both chassis and body involve carbon fiber material and aluminum to combine with.

People will not dwell about its interior. Aside from the elegant seat with cool upholstery made by Alcantara plus the aeronautical-inspired design, the dashboard and ‘control panel’ are something that Lambo users can feel proud of. Besides, the seating styl will show you the truly state-of-the-art design of Lamborghini. The choice of colors – black and red in Aventador SVJ, and various colors follow the body color in SVJ Roadster; make it more pleasurable to see.

Despite those outstanding features, the most jaw-dropping part of a Lamborghini is the price. How much is Lamborghini SVJ Roadster price? It turns out that this type of car will cost you around $570,000 (tax excluded), while the counterpart costs around $517,000, tax excluded.SVJ Lambo 63

Well, the SVJ Roadster price may be otherworldly – do you think that this car is worthy to buy? Of course, it’s worth your money, but after all, the choice is yours. Note that besides those features, the safety of these cars and the passengers is ensured with excellent wheeling and braking systems. also read: Comparing Two Lamborghini Huracan Cars: Huracan Spydervs Huracan Performante

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