Lamborghini Huracan HP and Its Specs Details

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If people are asked what sports car that they are craving for, some of them will have Lamborghini as their choice. What about you? You may also agree with this opinion. Well, Lamborghini is widely known as one of the biggest manufacturers of sports car. One of their recently released cars is Lamborghini Huracan. Find out what this car has to offer in this article below, one of them is Lambo Huracan HP.hp of lamborghini huracan

What’s Best from this Car that Make People Drool Over It

It turns out that ‘Huracan’ term comes from a buffalo circa 1879. Sounds lame already? Not if you know the meaning. That buffalo was named after the Mayan god of fire, thunder, and wind.

Hence, it is not surprising if you find this cool guy suitable for you who loves to drive fast; like, real fast. Check out the specs below to know how worthy is this car to own.huracan s hp

Well, there are several types of Huracan, namely Evo, Sto, EvoFluo Capsule,Evo RWD Spyder,Evo RWD, and Evo Spyder. For the engine and performance, when we say Huracan engine works for ‘extreme’ speed, it’s not an exaggeration. The 5.2-L V10 engine is capable to rev with a high speed. A typical Huracan offers a whopping 300+ km/h maximum speed and rapid acceleration to 100km/h for only 2.95s. Now if it isn’t something amazing, we don’t know what is.

Moreover, with its V10 engine, in general it produces 600+ HP. This depends to the type itself. Let’s take an example from the orange Lamborghini Huracan Evo. As its engine produces 470 kW, it is equal to 630 HP. While the Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD Spyder produces slightly lower, which is 449 kW or equals to 602 hp list

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Aside from talking about Huracan HP, it’s important to talk about the car’s appearance. It is a sure thing that the exterior and interior of Huracan is seamlessly designed, measured meticulously in order to deal with air-cutting work it must do. The design of Huracan is set based on the hexagonal shapes a carbon atom has, making it looks spiky, well-sculptured, and pretty sensual. Comfortable interior and seats are one of the plus points of Huracan’s interior.

Some of Huracan types have their chassis made from what inspire its body shape: carbon fiber, and then combined with aluminum. The body is also made from aluminum and synthetic material. Excellent choices of bright paint colors are coming to encompass its powerful performance and looks. also read: Limited Series Lamborghini from Time to Time

In addition, the body has adopted an aerodynamic technology that works synergic with its engine. Integrated wing coming with front splitter, aerodynamic deflector on the underbody, and built-in slotted spoiler on the backend are what makes Huracan becomes one of its huracan spyder hp

While the wheels used depend on its car type, Huracan cars usually use the tires from renowned manufacturer. One that can be easily found is Pirelli.

Aside from those aforementioned specifications, orange Lamborghini Huracan and other Huracan cars are equipped with safety systems that protect the passengers from dangerous accidents. With excellently design braking system and airbags in some types, you should not worry to drive, moreover if you drive in a high speed.

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