SUV Lambo Urus 2019 as the All-terrain Car, Perfect for Adventurous Family Ride

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Lamborghini Urus is the first combination of SUV and sports car – making it to be a super SUV you’ll surely love. This version of Lamborghini brings the best of SUV’s functionality, and in addition, the extreme speed of Lamborghini sports car. You may not be able to expect a slim, low-heighted sports car, but with SUV Lamborghini Urus, drive a versatile car with amazing design to complement (even for off-road).urus lamborghini cost

Lamborghini Urus as the First Super SUV for Any Kinds of Terrain

It’s known to public that many Lamborghini cars are standing within the scope of sports car, but turns out that Lamborghini also manufactured a utility vehicle as well. Hence, car enthusiasts can get into some adventure without leaving off the luxury.That SUV car produced by this Italian manufacturer is called Urus. Being named as SUV makes Lamborghini Urus 2019 becomes the best luxury ride to tackle any challenge from any kinds of terrain.

Well, Urus has several special variants that enable the buyers to pick the right Urus for their need. Aside from the standard Urus, there are Urus Pearl Capsule, Urus ST-X, MansoryVenatus, and MansoryVenatus EVO. If we are talking about the engine of Urus cars, they implanted the V8 engine. The concept was to put the 5.2-L V10, but turns out it’s the FSI twin turbocharged V8 which is planted into the front engine. This V8 engine is able to produce a gigantic 478 kW or equal to 641 HP.price of urus lamborghini

Moreover,behind a great engine typically lies great performance. Talking about the standard Urus, this car suitable for multi-terrain situation will be able to run with the maximum speed of 305 km/h. Not to forget about the car’s acceleration. To rev this 4WD car from zero-speed to 100km/h, it takes only as short as 3.6 seconds. Sure it takes longer than its brother Huracan, but for SUV, this number is great already.

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Sporty and elegant all-in-one – that’s how to describe the outer look from Urus Lamborghini. Lamborghini Urus 2019 comes with eight colors: ranging from nero Helene (black), rosso mars (red), gialloauge(yellow), and five others. You can choose one from four-choices of rims and calipers as urus for sale

Its front look has that distinct Lamborghini signature – hexagons and Y-shapes. As for the interior, expect nothing but extremely delicate luxury designed by Italian craftsmanship. Interestingly, the interior is customizable as well. Choose any from the provided materials and let it be covered by any of these: leather, aluminum, Alcantara, aluminum, or carbon-fiber finishes. The color can also be customized as well.

Drive freely and don’t let the bad roads strict you away from adventure. Let it be gravel, ice, sand, or as simple as asphalt road, Lamborghini Urus will have our back. With Pirelli P Zero tires, aluminum 10-piston front brake calipers, and single-piston rear calipers, you shouldn’t be worry about your safety. Not to forget, airbags are prepared as urus cheapest price

After those explanations about the car’s feature, you might wonder how much does Lamborghini SUV cost. Well, you’re not the only one that wonders about that.

This car which has ample space for luggage and is ready to accommodate 4-5 passengers, costs around $222,000. Such a big ticket it is, but as long as the Lamborghini SUV price is fine for you, why don’t you try to get this into your house garage? also read: An Insight into the World of Lamborghini Customization

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