Urus Graphite Capsule as Lamborghini Special Edition SUV

2019 lamborghini urus for sale

Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule is certainly a luxurious and dashing supercar by the world-famous car manufacturer. This is in the type of SUV, making its appearance simpler yet extravagant. For those who have little clue about this car and want to find out more, there are a few information items you can find below about the car. 2019 lamborghini urus for sale

Urus Graphite Capsule Features and Information

This Urus SUV is a special edition series that you may not encounter so frequently. This is the reason why a lot of people want to find out the detailed information about the car. The sneak and peek about the interior of the car along with the exterior, engine, performance and other features like safety features and entertainments will be available here. 

Let’s begin the explanation about Urus specs by talking about its exterior. The exterior is marked with the car’s striking colors – in the shade of black to grey-ish to match with the graphite concept. The colors are matched with the dashing satin-like effect and texture on the outside. Overall, the car looks really sleek with its sophisticated two-tone shade. The rear part of the car has bold contours in glossy effect to add even more dashing look to the car. Urus Graphite Capsule interior

Just like its exterior, the interior Lamborghini Urus is just as luxurious. The interior is just like the inside of a superior cabin. It has a massive dashboard made out of high quality aluminum. The rest of the inside is finished with matte-like carbon fiber and luscious cushions and upholstery. It is certainly fit for a king.

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Next is for the engine and performance. This new SUV Lamborghini is not only a pretty face, but it is also massively impressive in its performance. This car is powered by V8 engine that can produce 650 CV or 478 kW. With this engine, the car can also produce 626 lb-ft, which is very continent and practical for sure. The car is tested to have its top speed at 305 km/h.lamborghini urus service cost

In addition, the car has the best entertainment and connectivity features. Everything you need to stay connected and amused during the car ride is there in the car. They are including the availability of Wi-Fi hotspot, song recognition feature, hybrid radio, and many more. Moreover, it also has online traffic light information, integrated hazard information, smart routing and so many other features.

Moreover, the safety feature of this car is one of the finest of all. It has alerts almost for everything, including for speed, curfew and a lot more. This car has its own detector for thefts as well. 2019 urus price

Without any doubt, it is believed this Urus car is one of the best out of its peers. For this reason, so many people do want to purchase the new car so badly. The price is simply not quite cheap, as it is expected for a supercar of Lamborghini. If you want to drive in style using a high-performance SUV, surely Lamborghini Urus is the one you should choose. also read: What is New in Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule?

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